Founders Story


February 16, 2021 Rick Porter, Ryan Canuel Episode 10
Founders Story
Show Notes

Does getting a game featured in Apple's App Store mean it will be an automatic success and make money? Ryan describes what it's like starting his game development studio while in college and getting their first game featured in Apple's App Store. Ryan also discusses how they have found creative ways to build revenue that keeps them independent.

Petricore, Inc. is an interactive software development company located in Worcester, MA that specializes in full-service game development. Founded in early 2015, the Petricore team has completed over 40+ projects for clients, with that number growing each day.

Producer on game projects and contracts, Ryan also manages the Business growth and day-to-day operations. He can be seen often at a networking event near you spreading the good word of Petricore.

Connect with Ryan Canuel and Petricore:

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